Benefits of Membership Programs for Your Med Spa

Updated: 3 days ago

Membership programs are a great way to keep your clients coming back. Repeat business is the goal of any membership program. There are different types of memberships you can offer, but it’s important to keep it simple. Your membership should consist of monthly treatments and as an incentive, offer discounts for other spa services and products! The idea is to keep your clients from going elsewhere. Additionally, memberships entice new clients who are influenced by the presence of a membership.

Here are some examples of different types of membership programs:

12, 6, or 3 Month Memberships

You can create memberships for a specific length of time. For example, the 12 Month Membership can consist of two specific treatments for the first month, another two for the second month, and another two for the third. The cycle repeats four times, to cover the 12 months. For the 6 month membership, the same concept repeats twice and the same for the 3-month membership, which obviously doesn’t repeat.

Treatment Specific Memberships for 12 months

Decide on treatment(s) and create a membership for that specific treatment to be provided monthly.

The Works Membership

This type of membership provides a combination of several monthly treatments, including both skincare and injectables!

Their Choice

Set treatment options! Provide several treatments members can choose from each month.

Clearly communicating the advantages of signing up for a membership with you is key. This is one focal point that should be implemented in your marketing strategy. Be sure to communicate quickly the benefits of the membership so that the decision to join becomes easier.

Benefits of Memberships

  • Happy clients in a membership program will have a positive impact on your brand image and reputation. Encourage them to leave reviews. These reviews add up and will bring in new clients. Online reviews are so important!

  • The most powerful form of marketing has always been word of mouth. It is instantly more impactful because we trust our family, friends, and colleagues. You can encourage this by offering shared discounts with the new client. Referrals really are the lifeblood of a successful medspa.

  • Memberships are a key part of patient relationships. It creates better bonds between you and your clients.

  • Membership programs give you unique opportunities to market other products and services to your members. This is especially helpful if you sell skincare products!

Feedback from Memberships

  • Members-only questionnaires allow you to adjust and improve the quality of the membership program itself and services overall.

Helpful Tips for your Membership

Important to note that membership treatments should not roll over!

  • Membership payments should be billed on the 1st of each month. Keeping track and immediately following up on missed payments is a must and ensuring all members are booked for the upcoming month.