Marketing Tips for Your Med Spa

Updated: 3 days ago

These tips are easy to follow, proven to increase bookings and sales, and should bring you successful results.

Create and Optimize My Google Business Account

Google is the first place most people use to search for a business. A Google business account is free to create and allows your spa to come up on local searches, like an online directory that suggests your business and makes it easier to be found. The most convenient part is its easy access to your spa's contact information, reviews, images, and more!

Update or Create Your Website

First impressions are lasting impressions! Your website is most likely the first stop for a potential client, so it has to be good. Ensure all contact information is updated, that it's well designed, user-friendly, and that you host a blog. Blogs encourage customers to go back to your website when you share skincare tips, upcoming events, new products or services, etc. Don't forget to optimize it to get better leads!

Create Branded Promotional Materials

Brochures are great for new customers to learn more about all the services you offer, especially when they come in for a consultation.

Bring Your Spa to Networking Events

Bring your business cards and encourage people to follow your spa on social media! Events are an excellent place to market your spa.

Add Your Spa to Online Directories

In addition to Google, there are other ways you can advertise your spa online. Online directories such as Angi, Spa Index Media,, and Yelp are among some great directories to use.

Offer Gift Cards, Specials, and Holiday Discounts

We all love a discount, especially during the holiday season. People want to look their best or buy a gift for someone, so, this is a great time to offer them. The top three holidays you should offer discounts for are: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas!

Collaborate with Other Businesses

Collaborating with surrounding or local businesses in your area can help to promote your business. It opens door to networking opportunities and new clients.

Collect and Use Customer Testimonials

Be sure to ask your customers to please give you a review on your website, Facebook, or Google Business Page. This helps to make genuine connections with people who haven't even considered booking a session with you.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Med Spa

You don't need to be on every social media platform, but Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are the top three social media platforms that are best for Med Spas. Hire an experienced social media manager to handle your digital marketing. Be sure to host contests and giveaways!

Setup a Selfie Booth at your Spa

It's all about the selfies! Set up a booth where your clients can take selfies and ask them to share the picture(s) on social media and tag you.

These tips can make a big difference with your bookings for the next couple of months. It is important to run your spa, but if no one knows it exists, then you'll have no spa to run! Let's get to it!!

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