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Mystie Ziminski, Plantz Cafe

I started working with Ana during the pandemic when I realized I needed to invest more time and resources into my social media marketing.  Naturally, I was skeptical about working with a virtual service provider and wasn’t very confident that I would be able to work closely with someone I never met in person.  I was honestly blown away by Ana from the very first virtual meeting and I was inspired to create a beautiful social media marketing strategy.  She was incredibly knowledgeable and also compassionate about my personal goals and desires for my company and marketing strategy. Ana guided my unbridled passions to translate my ideas into usable, relatable, and effective content.  


She helped me narrow down my millions of ideas to create a plan that I was not only pleased with but very excited about.  I felt like I was supported, listened to, and respected every time we worked together, and I always felt like our time was well spent.  She kept me organized and on track and I greatly appreciate her logical and pragmatic mind, but also her creativity and problem-solving.  It has truly been a blessing to work with Ana and I now know who to go to for all my social media marketing needs.  I pray she continues to provide these services because the business and entrepreneurial world definitely needs more people with her unique set of abilities. 

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